Finally, I Started The Journey

I just came across this article over healing from sexual addiction. in it, the author provides FOUR basic ingredients for successful recovery.

First, an addict of any kind needs accountability.

Second, an addict must have support.

Third, an addict must have counseling.

Finally, an addict cannot fully engage in recovery without a firm faith life.

This is Immensely interesting to me. I have been rock solid on points 2 and 3 for a very long time. It wasn’t until I went back to church, encountered Pastor and FINALLY surrendered to God that points 1 and 4 came about. Pastor is my accountability partner. While my faith life is yet to be firm, it’s at least moving in a positive direction.

I really don’t believe that recovery is the same for each person. I don’t now at least. When I first admitted I was an addict I had to trust my therapist. He was the expert at this stuff. I was the junkie looking for help. I was feeling utter hopelessness when I couldn’t get into the Sexaholics Anonymous program. I felt even worse last weekend when my Celebrate Recovery sponsor called and told me I was probably needing to wait for another step study group. I told him that what I thought of these groups. Sit around a table, read from a book, listen to guys bull crap their answers (I don’t have any animosity for anyone. I have an amazing spiritual life…I guess that’s why they’re at this meeting), and go home. There’s no recovery in that, just wasted time. The other thing with CR- once you’ve completed all 12 steps of the study, you’re considered recovered. Bull.Crap.

It was through the smallest of interactions with fellow Christians that started healing. I am by no means thinking I’M ON THE WAY! I do think that I’ve taken a few positive steps and those steps add up to big steps. Those big steps add up to a walk and the walk adds up to a journey. THAT is what I have been missing and THAT is what I have found!

About MyJourney

I'm a 41 year old married father of 3. I am a sex addict. This blog is to document my progress, recovery and marital growth. Pornography is an evil creation. Let my experiences serve as a warning to all.
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2 Responses to Finally, I Started The Journey

  1. Well, since I am a leader at my local CR group and have turned people down from the doing the twelve step because they wanted to join to late. There are rules and for a reason.after a certain amount of time has elapsed, usually a month for my groups bonds have been built, trust is found, prayers answered and accountability partners chosen. To allow a newbie in disrupts everything and is unfair. It is actually hard to explain so if you want to call me you can. Do I feel bad? Yes. Can I change it? Nope.

    Some might sit around a table and give bull crap answers. There are many who have a LOT of issues that they are dealing with. You go through the steps and maybe, just maybe a couple of the issues out of the 60 you have have become addressed openly and honestly. And then at the very end God could bring a new issue to the surface that He knew you were not prepared to deal with in the beginning or the middle. Like He did with me.

    And my brothers in my 12 step are my accountability partners, they are my friends, we have dinner together every Saturday with our families…well my kids and their family. We pray for each other daily and check up on each other throughout the week. Will I be healed after leading this group for a year? Maybe on a few issues but not completely. The only time we will be complete, healed and whole is when we are dead standing in the shadow of the Father.

    You have made very positive steps brother. For that I glad and proud. But please, do not diss Celebrate Recovery for it does work if you work it. Just like you and I both must work in our journey to Freedom. Your journey began when you said I have a problem. Now your journey is not yours and yours alone. It belongs to God, your wife, your kids, your pastor and all those that are praying for you.

    Love ya brother. Hope I did not make you upset with these comments.

    • MyJourney says:

      Not at all. I had been skipping meetings so he did the right thing. You’re right about all you said. I suppose I tend to lash out against all of humanity whenever I’m hurting. That’s another reason I’m typing this from my brother’s apartment.

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