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Random, Off Subject Post

This post has NOTHING to do with my normal blog topics. Humor me, please. I am a career teacher in my 18th year on the job. The previous 17 were spent in music- band specifically. I went through a MASSIVE … Continue reading

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Today Was A Good Day

She let me hold her. At first I thought it was because our room was chilly and maybe that’s true. But it happened. Sometime during the night, I snuggled up to her and wrapped her up with my arms. That’s … Continue reading

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Meet It Head On

“You shouldn’t run away from your problems, you need to aim straight for the heart of the beast.” ~Ruby Wax Hell Yeah! Being the dude I am, I swing from take no prisoners to run and hide pretty frequently. Currently, … Continue reading

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Addicted, Restricted, Tempted

The first week of separation was, shall we say, spent in the wilderness. You could also say that I wasn’t too worried about purity either. That all changed on May 10, a scant 4 days into separation. Perusing the standard … Continue reading

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Suddenly Everything Is Ammmaazzziinnnggg!

I’m moving home today. Oh my gosh, it’s gonna be amazing! My Bride is a different person. I am a different person. We are different people. It’s like God grabbed us both by the back of the neck and said, … Continue reading

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A Dream Come True

“We need to make sure and do this right. We’ll make sure not to see one a other tomorrow, then have our Saturday date…” -Me, last night About that… I was awakened at the crack of 9:30 by my phone … Continue reading

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Forgotten Words Put In Place

The following is a letter My Bride wrote me on New Year’s Eve. It’s something I hold very dear. My Love, As I sit and think about the New Year that is coming, I am filled with hope and excitement … Continue reading

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