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Sharing, Hurts, Heals

re·cov·er·y riˈkəvərē/ noun 1. a return to a normal state of health, mind, or strength. synonyms: recuperation, convalescence. improvement, rallying, picking up, upturn, upswing. antonyms: relapse, deterioration 2. the action or process of regaining possession or control of something stolen … Continue reading

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I THOUGHT I had entered recovery for my pornography/sex addiction way back in November 2013. I read something back in May 2014 that said, “If you’re still ‘self-pleasuring’ you’re not in recovery.” That kind of hit me like a load of bricks. … Continue reading

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I like Pie

Therapy Exchange Of The Day “I used to think that whenever she turned me down for sex, she was turning me down as a person.” Right, because people with BPD have a hard time distinguishing the difference. Think of it … Continue reading

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An End A Beginning A What And A Huh?

“You’re ready, get with her and take care of this. We aren’t done with each other yet, so don’t think you’re rid of me. Let me know how things are going and we’ll start back up when you’re ready.” -Therapist, … Continue reading

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Everything Happens And Then…

November 16, 2013 Full disclosure of all sexual activity related to pornography addiction. November 17, 2013 My Bride displays signs of shock never before seen. Why did you do this to me? Blank stares, other-worldly voice. November 18, 2013 A … Continue reading

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Not Feeling It

I’ve been home for exactly 2 weeks. They have been an astonishing time. I won’t say we’ve had a perfect time because we haven’t. She hasn’t upset me or even remotely frustrated me, but I’m fairly certain I did that … Continue reading

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Another Piece Of Glass

We are all broken. It’s up to each one of us to find others like us, or in complimentary ways, so we can work each with each other and become something beautiful. That’s what marriage is all about. Two imperfect … Continue reading

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Meet It Head On

“You shouldn’t run away from your problems, you need to aim straight for the heart of the beast.” ~Ruby Wax Hell Yeah! Being the dude I am, I swing from take no prisoners to run and hide pretty frequently. Currently, … Continue reading

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The Back Hand Of Amends

We live on a farm in Oklahoma. It was founded during the land run and our house is the original structure, built in 1904. It’s old. My Bride’s 88 year old great-grandfather (step) lives across the street. His step-son is … Continue reading

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I’m A Total Chick Now

I have taken up an EXCEEDINGLY girly hobby. When I was separated and my brother first saw me partaking of said hobby, he told me I needed to douche before I went to bed 😐 My Bride “smiled” at me … Continue reading

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