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A Map With Directions

Funny how things work out when you identify the problem. Attitudes change. Smiles erupt from faces a little more easily. If not smiles, the frown that was constant was replaced with a neutral look. When I sent My Wife the … Continue reading

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30 Day Challenge Day 8…

Day 8 A Place You Have Traveled To this gets fucking deep We took our kids on a vacation to the Gulf of Mexico about 10 years ago. What stands out about this trip is happiness. As we drove from … Continue reading

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On The Clock

I sent word, via text, to My Bride that I have given myself the arbitrary deadline of October 31 to see some sort of improvement or I will leave her. If I cannot see some improvement, no matter how small, … Continue reading

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Not Her Fault, I’m Near My End

I cannot come close to beginning ANY of the skills or techniques I’m supposed to be working on. I’m incredibly worked up and pissed off. There are times that I’m seized with anger while others I’m frozen by sorrow and … Continue reading

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Keeping Score And Seeing Other’s Problems

This guy emailed his wife a spreadsheet of all the times she turned him down for sex AND her reasons why over a 7 week period. SHE posted it to reddit. That link takes you to a stupid video in … Continue reading

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Exploiting The Pained

For months, NAY, over a year, I read blogs and articles about healing my marriage and healing myself. I’ve read countless posts from well meaning people, who, probably have excellent advice for the segment of people that fit their specific … Continue reading

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Why 12 Step Will NOT Work For Me

Recovery Group Formula • Sit around table • Introduce yourself! • Give name to your disease and how long you’ve been in recovery from it. • Go round the table taking turns reading from the holy book of recovery literature. … Continue reading

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The Recovery That Wasn’t There

I THOUGHT I had hit “true recovery” in May through mid July. What I had actually received was a spiritual experience alongside a family experience at home. My “recovery” group stuff was the same old thing. I was still half-assing … Continue reading

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Don’t Post Tired

Maybe I shouldn’t write as I’m forcing myself to stay awake. Whence last I wrote I was shaking my head, pinching myself and slapping my legs so I could write what was on my mind. The Problem I Encounter whenever … Continue reading

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Pain To Chill

My Bride and I had a tough conversation last night. Things had gotten to the point where I couldn’t talk to her for fear of sparking an argument. It seemed anytime I tried to have any kind if conversation beyond, … Continue reading

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