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The BPD’s Guide To…

I have the distinct privilege of enjoying 2 delightful mental illnesses. Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) as well as the super-fun Bipolar Disorder. Bipolar is also known as Manic Depression. People like me have enormous mood swings, switching from depressed to … Continue reading

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I Don’t Think That

For the record. I don’t see crying as a sign of weakness nor does it cause you to lose my respect. -My Bride I had an incredibly tough start to my day. Therapy, which I generally love, has been kicking … Continue reading

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Time To Do Something Different

“Before I see you next week, you have to do some things. Find some kind of activity to give your mind a break, if just for an hour, from thinking about your wife and marriage.” -Therapist, this morning What!? Is … Continue reading

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