Things I’ve Found Helpful

Keep away from ANYTHING that could even remotely trigger you. For me that means pictures of ladies in bikinis, Victoria’s Secret commercials (lots of commercials really) and being highly aware of my surroundings when in public.
Reading some posts is dangerous. Some writers (including me) can get a little explicit. ex: posts recounting sexual exploits or fantasies.
Once is a mistake, twice is a habit.
It works if you work it.
3 types read/write blogs like this.
1. The author- tells his story and gives support to others.
2. The voyeur- they read and keep to themselves. I think many read because they’re in similar positions.
3. The veteran- they’ve been through the battles and are looking to help others.
Commenters try to help in some way. I’ve never had a commenter that was a jerk. I have reacted like a jerk when responding to them, but they comment to share their perspective. Listen to them.
You are not alone.
Never, never, never ever give up.

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