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I like Pie

Therapy Exchange Of The Day “I used to think that whenever she turned me down for sex, she was turning me down as a person.” Right, because people with BPD have a hard time distinguishing the difference. Think of it … Continue reading

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Beginning To Embarrassment

Sewing Projects, Day 1 These projects expect the person sewing to observe the picture to be copied, mentally place said picture upon the textile and recreate said picture by sight alone. As my experience with this type of sewing is … Continue reading

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How Does This Thing Work?

I was to try out a new activity today. One of my commenters had suggested rock hunting. Find something interesting and write about it. Since it stormed this morning, I wasn’t about to go traipsing about, trudging through the mud. … Continue reading

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I Hope You Can Beat It

I had to go see my primary doctor this morning. It was to see how things were going after he put me on Seroquel®. Here’s how that went. I took a pill at 9, I was unconscious by 9:30 and … Continue reading

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