Kissing Is Plenty

As we rushed about the house, we were able to have a word or two. Maybe less. I was on one side of the house, My Bride on the other. Finally I was able to run into the kitchen and speak with her. She was making cinnamon rolls. I was doing the dishes.

My Bride was talking to me as she brought over another dish for washing. She came closer, leaned in and kissed me. She kissed me!! Just last night she spoke about her inability to participate in physical intimacy. Now she’s kissing me.

Passionate kissing left our relationship long ago. Our kisses have been limited to simple pecks for more than a year. This has been a source of pain, for me, for a very long time. I’ve been confused as to why we cannot kiss passionately. Today, I don’t care. I got to kiss her!

Kissing is plenty right now.

About MyJourney

I'm a 41 year old married father of 3. I am a sex addict. This blog is to document my progress, recovery and marital growth. Pornography is an evil creation. Let my experiences serve as a warning to all.
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4 Responses to Kissing Is Plenty

  1. chipgruver says:

    She kissed you. Very nice. Veeeeeery nice.

    Enjoy it.

    Don’t read too much into it.

    Enjoy it.


  2. chipgruver says:

    I was thinking about this. I shall put on my hat as the Wife Whisperer and divine what this means. I may be wholly wrong, but this is the joy of speculating.

    I suspect the kiss means something like this. “I love you. I want to communicate love to you. I would do this more often if I weren’t afraid you would run away with it and be panting after me looking for the deeper meaning. The deeper meaning is just that, I love you. You say you need physical affection, just take it at face value. This is me offering affection, which is how I am telling you I love you.”

    That would by my guess. Don’t blow this by overinterpreting a kiss. Allow yourself to simply and gracefully enjoy the fact that your wife, who you have screwed up so badly with, just kissed you.

    She really is an impressive lady.


    • Interestingly enough, that’s how things USED to go down. I’m not over analyzing this though. It was a kiss. A show of affection. Nothing more nothing less and I’m totally cool with that.

  3. Michelle says:

    That’s great! I miss those kisses from my hubby. Haven’t had them in a few years now, much less anything else.
    We had regular action for 16 years…then nothing. I still weigh the same, haven’t let myself go. Just don’t get it. Any time I bring it up, we just argue.
    Best of luck to you!

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