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Not Feeling It

I’ve been home for exactly 2 weeks. They have been an astonishing time. I won’t say we’ve had a perfect time because we haven’t. She hasn’t upset me or even remotely frustrated me, but I’m fairly certain I did that … Continue reading

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Sex And Pain

There are 2 axioms I have learned through life and blogging. 1. Sex sells 2. Pain brings in viewers I’m a numbers guy, which is shocking to me. When writing research papers in grad school, I was far more confident … Continue reading

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The Sex Addict’s Superfecta

I have identified a trigger. Highly charged emotional situations send me off looking to medicate. I experienced some pretty sweet joy today. I also experienced some solid pain. It appears that, when triggers are involved, negative outweighs positive. Ok, now … Continue reading

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Conscious Concerted Efforts

I used to accuse My Bride of lying to me. It hurt her in a major way. What she would do is present partial details of important situations to me, leaving off major portions that would affect my mindset in … Continue reading

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Meds And Not Depressing!

The following is a visual representation of what my mental state is when I wake up every day. I’m pretty darned clear. There aren’t really any cobwebs, well, not any that a nice cup ‘o coffee can’t clear up. Here … Continue reading

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SMACK’d Upside The Head

“She became comfortable with you taking care of your thing and she became used to it. It allowed her to do her thing without having to worry about sex. She’s a busy lady; mom, teacher, grad school. Now, all of … Continue reading

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Cycles And How To Jump Off or Bipolar in Both of Us

Your struggles make you extremely difficult to live with. I don’t know who will be at the house each day. Is it the nice guy, ass hole, fighter or a combination of them all? Because I AM bipolar, she often … Continue reading

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