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Jerks, Annoyances, And Success

What a tremendous day yesterday! It was the first day of fall break and I slept to the crack of 8 AM. Later on, I had a disagreement with My Wife and made it through un-triggered. There were some incredibly … Continue reading

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Exceedingly Pleased

I have to say it has been a very positive week. I’ve been busting my rear to maintain a positive outlook on life and to be vigilant in practicing my mindful activities. This afternoon I received a random text from … Continue reading

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A Map With Directions

Funny how things work out when you identify the problem. Attitudes change. Smiles erupt from faces a little more easily. If not smiles, the frown that was constant was replaced with a neutral look. When I sent My Wife the … Continue reading

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Recover And Be Smoof

Today marks 30 days of sobriety since my last acting out. It has been a bitch of a 30 days too. The past week has been most treacherous. The most painful times I’ve experienced, over an extended period, and a … Continue reading

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Who Am I? How Do I Find Out?

I just got chewed out by a commenter again. “Leave her alone. Back off. Give her space.” Since EVERYBODY is saying it, perhaps I need to take it to heart. “Who are you besides a guy with BPD, bipolar and … Continue reading

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Baby Baby Steps

I was reaaaaally hoping I had misinterpreted My Bride’s recent distancing. Last weekend saw astonishing progress in our relationship. Enjoyable conversations, joking and really intimate encounters (relatively speaking). Sunday evening saw a significant drop off. We had discussed it, acknowledged … Continue reading

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A New Drug

Yesterday afternoon I found out My Bride and her sister were going to do yard work this weekend. We live in the sticks and the yard work takes every bit of 3 hours. ‘Tis a big project. She wanted to … Continue reading

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