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Normalcy Returns, Denials Dismissed

As the week draws to a close, I have come back down to earth. My Wife and I have discussed the events of the past week. I don’t think I can handle very many more of those types of events … Continue reading

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Conscious Concerted Efforts

I used to accuse My Bride of lying to me. It hurt her in a major way. What she would do is present partial details of important situations to me, leaving off major portions that would affect my mindset in … Continue reading

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Uncertainty, A Piece Of Me

Sobriety Day 53 The past few days have been very nice. My Bride and I have been having some seriously good times together. We even monkeyed around yesterday afternoon. Things had gone so well, i got lazy and I let … Continue reading

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Starting With Civility

Last night My Bride and I discuss the day. During which time we discussed my depression. She says that she has depression, has lived with it her entire life, has dealt with her parent’s depression and has developed defenses to … Continue reading

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It Will Happen!

“We create our own destiny by the words we speak. Be it positive, negative or neutral what we say has a direct impact on our future.” -Dude at Bible Study I JUST wrote a post about my shitty actions and how … Continue reading

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Our Battery Is Getting Weaker

It has been a long time since we have shared intimacy. At least I think it has been a long time. With the mental issues that I get to enjoy deal with, I forget many, many things. And of course … Continue reading

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Seeing The Minutiae

Home. Finally home. It has been a really tough 24 hours. We have gone from being in a good place yesterday to shit, then off to a better place earlier today to an equally shitty locale. My last post spoke … Continue reading

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