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The Recovery That Wasn’t There

I THOUGHT I had hit “true recovery” in May through mid July. What I had actually received was a spiritual experience alongside a family experience at home. My “recovery” group stuff was the same old thing. I was still half-assing … Continue reading

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Meandering Through The Pain

It’s interesting, life. You think you have a handle on things. You think you have an idea of what’s going on. You think there’s some sort respite from fighting and slogging through life. You think you have a CLUE about … Continue reading

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An End A Beginning A What And A Huh?

“You’re ready, get with her and take care of this. We aren’t done with each other yet, so don’t think you’re rid of me. Let me know how things are going and we’ll start back up when you’re ready.” -Therapist, … Continue reading

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Suddenly Everything Is Ammmaazzziinnnggg!

I’m moving home today. Oh my gosh, it’s gonna be amazing! My Bride is a different person. I am a different person. We are different people. It’s like God grabbed us both by the back of the neck and said, … Continue reading

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A Dream Come True

“We need to make sure and do this right. We’ll make sure not to see one a other tomorrow, then have our Saturday date…” -Me, last night About that… I was awakened at the crack of 9:30 by my phone … Continue reading

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Time To Do Something Different

“Before I see you next week, you have to do some things. Find some kind of activity to give your mind a break, if just for an hour, from thinking about your wife and marriage.” -Therapist, this morning What!? Is … Continue reading

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No Input And No Sleep

Sleep depravation sucks. Yes, another brilliant and grand pronouncement of mine. I have been married to My a Bride for over 21 1/2 years. Before we separated I think we might have spent a dozen nights apart from each other, … Continue reading

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