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The Gorilla

My major hang-up in life, right now, is my marriage. Specifically my lack of intimacy with My Wife. We have made love exactly 3 times in 2014. Once in January, twice in June. That is not a complaint, it is … Continue reading

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Today Was A Good Day

She let me hold her. At first I thought it was because our room was chilly and maybe that’s true. But it happened. Sometime during the night, I snuggled up to her and wrapped her up with my arms. That’s … Continue reading

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Not Feeling It

I’ve been home for exactly 2 weeks. They have been an astonishing time. I won’t say we’ve had a perfect time because we haven’t. She hasn’t upset me or even remotely frustrated me, but I’m fairly certain I did that … Continue reading

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Suddenly Everything Is Ammmaazzziinnnggg!

I’m moving home today. Oh my gosh, it’s gonna be amazing! My Bride is a different person. I am a different person. We are different people. It’s like God grabbed us both by the back of the neck and said, … Continue reading

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A Dream Come True

“We need to make sure and do this right. We’ll make sure not to see one a other tomorrow, then have our Saturday date…” -Me, last night About that… I was awakened at the crack of 9:30 by my phone … Continue reading

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Dude, Dude, DUDE!

In one word, our evening together was AMAAAAZZZZZIIINNNNNNNGGGGG! (you HAVE to follow that link btw) I told her a few weeks ago that I wanted us to watch Fireproof, a movie about healing your marriage through mindfulness and trusting God. … Continue reading

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Baby Baby Steps

I was reaaaaally hoping I had misinterpreted My Bride’s recent distancing. Last weekend saw astonishing progress in our relationship. Enjoyable conversations, joking and really intimate encounters (relatively speaking). Sunday evening saw a significant drop off. We had discussed it, acknowledged … Continue reading

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