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Half Measures Avail Us Nothing

I received a tremendous comment from a reader today in response to my last post. This comment has completely changed my outlook on My Wife and our marriage. Her walls are up and is likely waiting for the next turbulence … Continue reading

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Not Giving Up

I cannot allow things to go down the path they have started on. Divorce and the destruction of our marriage is not what I want. As I sat next to My Wife at our son’s football game, I decided I … Continue reading

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Normalcy Returns, Denials Dismissed

As the week draws to a close, I have come back down to earth. My Wife and I have discussed the events of the past week. I don’t think I can handle very many more of those types of events … Continue reading

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I Don’t Want Your Money

A touch of calm re-entered my world today. A good night of sleep and a fresh outlook worked wonders for me. It was also nice to formulate a plan last night, even if said plan is drastic. I sent a … Continue reading

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On The Clock

I sent word, via text, to My Bride that I have given myself the arbitrary deadline of October 31 to see some sort of improvement or I will leave her. If I cannot see some improvement, no matter how small, … Continue reading

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Not Her Fault, I’m Near My End

I cannot come close to beginning ANY of the skills or techniques I’m supposed to be working on. I’m incredibly worked up and pissed off. There are times that I’m seized with anger while others I’m frozen by sorrow and … Continue reading

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Why 12 Step Will NOT Work For Me

Recovery Group Formula • Sit around table • Introduce yourself! • Give name to your disease and how long you’ve been in recovery from it. • Go round the table taking turns reading from the holy book of recovery literature. … Continue reading

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