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On The Clock

I sent word, via text, to My Bride that I have given myself the arbitrary deadline of October 31 to see some sort of improvement or I will leave her. If I cannot see some improvement, no matter how small, … Continue reading

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The BPD’s Guide To…

I have the distinct privilege of enjoying 2 delightful mental illnesses. Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) as well as the super-fun Bipolar Disorder. Bipolar is also known as Manic Depression. People like me have enormous mood swings, switching from depressed to … Continue reading

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No Going Back

I just can’t go back to what it was. -My Bride via text this evening I’m making enormous strides mentally. At least that’s what the people around me are telling me. Even if that’s true, I’m still afflicted with mental … Continue reading

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Working My Problem

I have been given what appears to be the most accurate diagnosis to date. Borderline personality disorder (BPD) co-morbid with Bipolar Disorder II. That’s a lot to deal with right thar. However, knowing what a problem is gives one the … Continue reading

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Triggers And Choices

I am bi-polar and I have the awesome tendency to radically cycle from high to incredibly low in mere moments. Often times within the same day. With my addiction that is highly significant. Most of the time I have no … Continue reading

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