Exploiting The Pained

For months, NAY, over a year, I read blogs and articles about healing my marriage and healing myself. I’ve read countless posts from well meaning people, who, probably have excellent advice for the segment of people that fit their specific demographic. I’ve read books concerning overcoming pornography addiction and what it takes to conquer the beast.

I’ve read article after article covering how to reignite the fire between distant lovers.

I’ve been to websites like Feed The Right Wolf, where the guy who is so “concerned” about you is actually concerned about the $700/week he wants to charge you for his “coaching” services.

I’ve been to websites where the lady who has been through the “same thing you’re going through.” I’m sure that’s all true, but what about that book your shilling for $25?

Fun fact about that lady I referenced above…I emailed her looking for resources in our area (she’s local to me). “I just want you to know I care about your situation and I’m praying for you.” The most disgusting part? She told me to buy her book.

I’ve read things such as Hot, Holy, Humorous, The Marriage Bed or whatever the Beyond Ordinary people’s blog is called, thinking “If only my wife would read this and take it to heart, we’d be ok.”

NONE, and I mean NONE of those blogs or articles comes anywhere near addressing true issues.
I can’t believe that my wife and I are the ONLY couple dealing with these issues. Take away my mental health stuff…there’s nothing I’ve found that even comes near to approaching our situation.

What I Want To Read
• Real talk about real issues, not bullshit about how “blessed” you are now.

If you’re so blessed now and life was so shitty before, how did you get from point A to B? Tell me THAT story, not the “blessed” story now.

I can’t find that information. All I can find is,

Cheryl and I were at our wits end. I was knee deep in tissues and porn, it was bad.

Chris was a mess. All he did was jerk-off to porn. I eventually got sick of it and asked him to move out.

I was in bad shape. After 3 months, Cheryl finally trusted me enough to go on a date with me.

Now we’re both pastors at Center Cross Action Life Mega Church. We’re so blessed to share our story with you. We can’t wait to come to your church and present a life changing couples weekend seminar. It’s only $299 a couple. Save your marriage, we did.

All of these people, the authors, “coaches” and seminar types, ALL OF THEM, their purpose in life is to prey on people that are hurting. Did they have these problems? Maybe, I dunno. I DO know that EVERY single one of them is selling something.

You bet they are.

Helping people?
Exploitation, at any level is disgusting. These people are doing it to people in incredible private moments of their lives.

I TRIED to follow the advice of these people. EVERY single time I did, it was like dumping gasoline on a fire.
• Coincidence?
• Was I applying the wrong advice to our problem?
That’s a definite possibility.
• Bullshit advice?
Maybe…doubtful though
• Exploiting others pain for cash?

About MyJourney

I'm a 41 year old married father of 3. I am a sex addict. This blog is to document my progress, recovery and marital growth. Pornography is an evil creation. Let my experiences serve as a warning to all.
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