A Dream Come True

“We need to make sure and do this right. We’ll make sure not to see one a other tomorrow, then have our Saturday date…”
-Me, last night

About that…
I was awakened at the crack of 9:30 by my phone ringing. “This is Cinda with Herp-Derp Middle School, we’d like to interview you Monday for the geography position you applied for yesterday.” Normally I would have sounded like I had stayed up until 4AM celebrating the end of my separation, but this call snapped me immediately to attention. ‘Yes, I’ll be there.’ I immediately fired off a text to My Bride.

Being the super relaxed chick she has become, she didn’t return my text for another 45 minutes. It was crazy, she woke up at 10:30. She NEVER sleeps that late. Congratulations on your interview. Would you like to come over for coffee? We could talk about school stuff and what you’ll need to know.

If I “followed the rules” we set up last night I would say no. I said I would go. I had no desire to turn her down. I wanted to be there. She has become the woman of my dreams again. That probably sounds dickish, I don’t mean it that way.

When I left she was incredibly cold. There was no spark. She looked away when we kissed. It seemed like she had to pump herself up just to say I love you. Hell, if I attempted to caress her or at with her hair (her favorite thing ever) she would tell me to stop; it felt like sandpaper. Now, I’m greatest by kisses, she looks into my eyes. She comes to me. I caress her and she caresses me. She even pointed out she wasn’t freaking out when I was rubbing on her last night.

Everything is different. EVERYTHING is different. Our kisses are warm and passionate. There have been enormous strides in intimacy. It seems that we both want to serve one another. This is everything I’ve ever wanted. This is a dream come true.

Im scared things will go back to the way they were. We both are. I think that fear is a tremendous motivator to continue working. I don’t want fear to be our motivator for long though. That wouldn’t be healthy. I think it’s cool for the short term though. Our relationship with God will become the motivation and guide for us. THAT is where our marriage will be founded and that is how we will have an extraordinary and healthy marriage.

Look out, world, we’re getting back together. God is about to be glorified.

Look out, us, the enemy is gonna try and knock us on our butts and put a wedge between us again.

Father God, I praise your name. I praise you for creating the universe and everything within it. We are so insignificant in this universe, yet you care for each one of us and desire a personal relationship with each one of us. I praise you for that.

God, I pray that you fortify our marriage. Now that we have experienced a taste of victory, the enemy will try to destroy us. Protect us from his attacks, God. Guide us to keep you as our focus and to remember the lessons earned. Father God, bind the three of us together stronger than ever before. Amen.

About MyJourney

I'm a 41 year old married father of 3. I am a sex addict. This blog is to document my progress, recovery and marital growth. Pornography is an evil creation. Let my experiences serve as a warning to all.
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2 Responses to A Dream Come True

  1. Amen to that prayer brother! That should be a daily prayer. 🙂

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