Blow Upon My Garden

Oh my goodness, another post that hits it right on the head. My Bride only rarely allows me to orally pleasure her. She says the thought grosses her out and doesn’t understand how I could actually want to do that. I want to do that.

The comments of the men are on point. The look, smell and taste ARE intoxicating. Seeing the way My Bride reacts is the single greatest thing I’ve ever seen. To know she is receiving so much pleasure, and that I’M the one bringing it, not a battery operated device, it’s better than sex itself.

I believe there are some obvious issues here. First, she is very self-conscious. She has a really bad self body image. My use of porn and society itself are to blame for that. Second is trust. To allow someone to provide oral sex, you are inviting them into your “Holiest of holies” and not trusting who you’re with keeps you at a distance. Finally she has a hard time letting go and allowing herself to become lost in the experience. That, of course, goes back to trust.

I long for the day she fully trusts me again. She used to allow me into her holy place. Early discovery of porn use killed that. I will cherish the day in allowed back in.

The Forgiven Wife


“Blow upon my garden, that the spices thereof may flow out.” Song of Solomon 4:16

Let me begin by stating the obvious: the sexual arousal of a woman carries a distinctive scent. It is normal and is a sign of a healthy sexual response as designed by God.

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About MyJourney

I'm a 41 year old married father of 3. I am a sex addict. This blog is to document my progress, recovery and marital growth. Pornography is an evil creation. Let my experiences serve as a warning to all.
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